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Ever heard the old saying “double the cost and double the time”???
We’ve all heard the horror stories all too often:
“the reno ended up costing me twice the amount by the time it was
“I can’t wait for this nightmare to end!”
“this is the last time I am ever getting a reno done – better to just get
another place”

At Modern Reno, we pride ourselves in giving you the peace of mind which you deserve. That’s the advantage with working with a team comprised of contractors, engineers, and designers all under one roof. And, yes, did we mention “roof”? You have the added security of being able to find us under a roof! We aren’t just a team with a few hammers and a great ad on kijiji! We have a storefront to earn your confidence. So what does this mean for you? You can choose your materials through our vast selection of flooring, cabinets, bathroom
fixtures, and countertops to name just a few. If something doesn’t quite work during the reno, we won’t be passing the blame on sub-grade materials, we’ll simply replace it with materials available directly from our own shop until we, and more importantly, you, are satisfied. That is our guarantee to you! Although renovations can seem intimidating for most home-owners, THEY DON’T HAVE TO
BE! Drop by our shop and we can walk you through the process and then be there with you every step of the way. We’ll give you an estimate in writing. Any overages will be on the house!

Come visit our home…and let’s talk about your home……..

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